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AutoCrypto is an Artificial Intelligence that studies the market and detects the best investments for each moment. We operate in the top 200 cryptocurrencies, as well as the Binance Smart Chain network. Invest in one of our Tiers and start earning passive income with no effort.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AutoCrypto?

- AutoCrypto is an automated broker app managed by an Artificial Intelligence, operating only in the best cryptocurrency markets (top 200 coins).

2. What kind of AI uses AutoCrypto?

- AutoCrypto combines mathematical extrapolation polynomials alongside a pre-trained time-series prediction neuronal network to predict very precisely the evolution of the cryptocurrencies.

3. Who can invest in AutoCrypto?

- Anyone! There will be different tiers to invest, fitting for each type of investor: from a 3-day Free Trial that can be continued for 10$/year until the Elite level of 10.000$/year for expert crypto-investors only.

4. What are the TIERS?

- In order to adjusting the service for each kind of investor AutoCrypto offers different tiers for its users. These tiers are: Beginner, Initiate, Pro and Elite and any of them will allow users to invest their money completely automatically with daily limits, except from the Elite tier which will have no limitation. Not only that, the higher the tier, the cooler the AutoCrypto extra services will be included, so grind your way until the top!

5. How to access to a TIER?

- There are two ways of becoming an AutoCrypto Investor: buying an anual license the classic way (FIAT payment with credit card) or to hold our token in the BSC network > AutoCrypto (AU).

6. What happens if I hold the AU token but it decreases or increases its price?

- The amount of tokens necessary to achieve a certain tier will be updated every day with the fluctuating token price, but a holder of AU will ONLY BENEFIT from the price changes. This means that if the price increases enough to achieve the next tier, the user will reach it BUT the user will never lose tier status in the hypothetical scenario of the token decreasing its value.

7. Is there any penalty for selling my AU tokens?

- Yes, if you sell more than 10% of your wallet under a month. The penalty will be proportional to your tier 1, 2, 3 or 4 months penalty from using the AutoCrypto services via token (you can still re-gain any tier by FIAT buy).

8. What are the AutoBots?

- The AutoBot are a group of bots designed by the AutoCrypto team that monitorize the crypto market and give nice calls for manual investors. Holding enough amount (equivalent of 0.5BNB) of AU token provides access to this bots calls in this server.

9. Are AutoBot's calls forever free?

- Yes, the only cost of them are belonging to our amazing community and holding AU.

10. This is amazing, where can I find more information?

- Feel free to visit our discord server and do not hesitate to ask any of the @Admins. We will be happy to help


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