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Starts October 16th, 15:00 UTC


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What Happened

We know that October 15th has been a letdown for everybody, specially for us in the dev team. Things didn't go as we expected, that's for sure. We located the problem but sadly we cannot fix it in any way because the presale contracts are completely un-editable for the investors' protection. So, this is what happened and what we are going to do:
What happened?
During all the week prior to launch people demanded for the contract, but we were waiting for the audit just to be sure. As soon as the Audit (SolidProof) gave us their OK, we released the contract. Neither us nor the auditors detected a bug in our proxy that limits the gas usage, it's a bug in OneZeppelin's proxy that we use to be able to edit our Token and add more functionalities to AutoCrypto. So, we cannot edit the proxy nor the presale contracts, the only thing we can do is to return the presale funds with a refund. This refund will be available from tomorrow 15:00UTC both in this website and BSCScan.
What are we going to do?
Even though this is a hit to our project's credibility, we are not gonna let this problem defeat us. Project goes onward and we stand stronger now! We are going to enable the refund on October 16th at 15:00 UTC, we will modify a bit the website so everybody can refund their BNBs and redeploy everything with a fixed Proxy. Then we are going to run another presale Sunday Oct 17th and launch the new Token on the same day.
How is the new presale going to work?
The new presale is going to be active for 5 hours. From Oct 17th 13:00UTC to 18:00UTC. During the first hour of the presale only the wallets that already joined us in the previous presale are going to be able to invest, with a maximum of what they invested initially. The other 4 hours are going to be free-for-all. Exactly the same than before: 1BNB = 44.000 tokens.
Thank you everyone for trusting us and not even thinking for a moment this was a scam, we love this community.

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