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What is AutoCrypto?

AutoCrypto's main product is the Smart Investor, an automatic investor in the cryptocurrency market that operates through decisions made by an Artificial Intelligence.

In addition, the team also develops dedicated tools for the BSC market and in the future will develop the same utilities for other networks, such as ETH. Join one of our 4 TIERS and try our services.

How it works?

AutoCrypto's Artificial Intelligence is based on the union of three different predictor engines that adapt to different cryptomarket situations.

- LaIA Based on different neural networks that are retrained and evaluated daily, it also relies on mathematical algorithms to optimize its predictions. This predictive engine performs optimally when the market is more volatile.

- Grid BotGenerated through Machine Learning developments that is based on the constant search for beneficial buy and sell points, analyzing such entries for more than 300 cryptocurrencies. Unlike the previous one, this predictive engine has its highest performance when the market is more stable.

- Candle CatcherIt is a predictor of anomalies in the charts of each cryptocurrency. It constantly looks for moments when the market behaves in an unusual way to profit from its corrections.

AutoCrypto: Market analysis, smart investment

AutoCrypto Tiers

AutoCrypto uses a tiered system to satisfy all types of investors. The main difference between each level is the investment limit per iteration, which increases with each level. To access the Smart Investor platform once AutoCrypto version 1.0 is released you must own our $AU token which you can purchase through AutoCrypto Swap or at any BSC swap.

The amount of tokens needed to access each level is recalculated every 24 hours to maintain the relationship with the FIAT price of each level. This means that, if the price of the token goes up, you can potentially level up as the amount of tokens needed for the higher level will decrease. Conversely, you cannot level down because of a price drop unless you sell your tokens.

AutoCrypto Beginner Tier


Gray Tier

Access to AI auto-investment services for Binance

*Min stack



Annual payment

10 USD

Investment cap

100 USD

*Profit fee


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AutoCrypto Initiate Tier


Orange Tier

Beginner Tier services

Access to all our Premium Tools: Listings, Wallets, Flash-Loans, Pumps/Dumps...

*Min stack



Annual payment

100 USD

Investment cap

1,000 USD

*Profit fee


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AutoCrypto Pro Tier


Blue Tier

Initiate Tier services

Additional App features (coming soon)

*Min stack



Annual payment

1,000 USD

Investment cap

10,000 USD

*Profit fee


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AutoCrypto Elite Tier


Black Tier

Pro Tier services

AutoInvestment in alternative / high risk Markets

Automated profits withdrawals

*Min stack



Annual payment

10,000 USD

**Investment cap

1,000,000 USD

*Profit fee


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* The number of tokens are recalculated every 24h to match their equivalent FIAT price

* The profit fee can be reduced gradually by vesting your tokens

** The investment cap equals the value of your tokens multiplied by 10, up to a maximum of $1,000,000

Other tools

The team has developed other tools for Binance Smart Chain blockchain platform.

AutoCrypto Antihoney

The most secure swap.

AutoCrypto Antihoney Swap allows you to buy the cryptocurrencies of the BSC network you want by copying the contract or following one of the calls we offer. At the moment the swap is made, it is verified that the contract is not a honeypot, but it does not guarantee that it cannot become one in the future.

Use our tutorials to learn how to use it.

AutoCrypto Tools: Site Listing early notifications
AutoCrypto Tools: Whales tracker

AutoCrypto Guardian

Protect your tokens.

AutoCrypto Guardian is a tool to protect your BSC tokens so that if a honey, rug or other malicious contract change occurs, AutoCrypto Guardian will sell for you before it happens, so you won't lose your tokens. Even if you deposit your BSC tokens in AutoCrypto Guardian, you can either transfer them to your account again, or sell them automatically at any time.

The reliability of AutoCrypto Guardian is not 100%, as every day other ways of scamming are created and the tool has to be updated.

AutoCrypto Calls

Privileged opportunity notification.

Notifications of loss-of-liquidity attacks on BSC tokens, causing the value to drop for a few moments close to zero.

Advance notifications of listings, thus granting information that tokens are imminently going to be listed on CMC, CoinGecko, Hotbit, etc.

AutoCrypto Tools: Flash Loan attack detector
AutoCrypto Tools: Bear market detector

Future Tools

In development.

In the future these and other tools will be developed for other networks, such as ETH.

Call examples

Check out some our early calls from our bots at Discord



📅 Call made 2nd June 09:42am

📈 500% increased value

Check graph on PooCoin

AutoCrypto Enviro Case


Meet the AutoCrypto team and their role in the project

AutoCrypto Team: Izhan Hernández

Izhan Hernández

CEO & AI Developer

AutoCrypto Team: Georgina Villalba

Georgina Villalba

Head of Communications

AutoCrypto Team: Quino Lara

Joaquín Lara

Marketing Specialist

AutoCrypto Team: Alberto Delgado

Alberto Delgado

Chief Security Officer

AutoCrypto Team: Mario Clavero

Mario Clavero

Software Developer

AutoCrypto Team: Mikel Aguayo

Mikel Aguayo

Software Developer

AutoCrypto Team: José Huerto

José Huerto

Software Developer

AutoCrypto Team: Alejandro González

Alejandro González

Solidity Developer

AutoCrypto Team: Hodei Arregi

Hodei Arregi

UX Designer & UI Developer

AutoCrypto Team: Alejandro Fernández

Alejandro Fernández

Quality Control


Forint Finance


This is our roadmap, from the formation of the idea in March 2021, to its execution and future projection for the year 2024.

  • Concept Generation
  • Token Launch
  • Product development and other tools for the BSC
  • Initiation of legal procedures with the BdE
2023 Q1
Smart Investor migration to OKX
  • Migration of the entire infrastructure to the new exchange and go live
2023 Q2
Testing Stage I
  • First testing phase
  • Release 1.0
  • Development of other tools
2023 Q4
Testing Stage III
  • Public Beta
2023 Q3
Testing Stage II
  • Testing phase by expanding users
  • Capital expansion test phase

Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions, let us know through the contact form

What is AutoCrypto?

AutoCrypto is an automatic investor in the cryptocurrency market that operates through decisions made by an Artificial Intelligence, deciding for itself when it is the right time to invest and when not to invest, in which currency and for how long.

What kind of AI uses AutoCrypto?

AutoCrypto combines mathematical extrapolation polynomials alongside a pre-trained time-series prediction neuronal network to predict very precisely the evolution of the cryptocurrencies.

Who can invest in AutoCrypto Smart Investor?

Anyone belonging to a level: Beginner, Initiate, Pro or Elite.

How does Smart Investor work?

AutoCrypto's Artificial Intelligence is based on the union of three different predictor engines that adapt to different cryptomarket situations.

What are the TIERS?

To suit all types of investors AutoCrypto will have different levels of users. There are 4 levels: Beginner, Initiate, Pro, Elite and each of them will allow the artificial intelligence to invest a larger amount daily for you in addition to progressively unlocking advanced functionalities such as being able to manually adjust AutoCrypto's AI investment parameters, automate withdrawals or use our Sniper to enter new interesting token listings.

What is Vesting?

AutoCrypto Vesting is a system that allows you to deposit your tokens into a smart contract to reduce the fee deducted from your earnings using the Smart Investor. The maximum reduction for each group is 2% which is achieved gradually over a period of 6 months. To achieve the maximum reduction, you will need to deposit 100% of your tokens, otherwise this period will be longer.

How can I level up for FREE?

You can upgrade in two ways:

- By vesting for 12 months in a row 100% of your tokens, you can upgrade your level at no additional cost ONLY once.

- If the token is revalued and your tokens have enough value to reach the next level you can also claim the upgrade in the Dashboard.

What happens if the value of the token drops?

Access to your level and the tools and benefits it grants you remains the same, as long as you do not sell a single token, since the value of AU is recalculated every 24 hours and if you sold, you would automatically downgrade your level.

Is there a penalty for selling or transferring my AutoCrypto tokens?

Yes, if you sell or transfer more than 10% of your tokens in less than a month. The penalty will depend on the level you belong to. 1, 2, 3 or 4 months penalty on the use of AutoCrypto services. Remember that by selling a single token you can downgrade if the value of the token drops, since at the time of the sale the price of the current token is recalculated, assigning you the level that corresponds to the new value of the tokens you have.

Can I use any service if I do not belong to any level?

You can only use AutoCrypto Antihoney Swap and AutoCrypto Guardian with higher service fees.

Where can I see my tokens and access AutoCrypto services?

First of all you must register on the Dashboard and connect your wallet, once there you will be able to see your tokens, their value, your level, activate the sell and/or vesting protection, access the BSC tools and see the daily movements of the Smart Investor.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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