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What is AutoCrypto?

AutoCrypto is an automated broker app managed by an Artificial Intelligence that combines mathematical extrapolation polynomials alongside a pre-trained time-series prediction neuronal network to predict very precisely the evolution of the top 200 cryptocurrencies and investing automatically for you.

Invest in one of our TIERS and start earning income

Insights you can’t get anywhere else

Our AI works in different fields to always find the right investment.

- Trend historyOur algorithm shifts through millions of historical data points each day, comparing today’s market with past trends to help you identify the best opportunities.

- Act on critical newsWe explore the net to find alerts on the news, social media and developments that move the market the most before.

- Smart investingOur AI identifies the state of the global market, analyze if it is in bear or bull market and act accordingly

AutoCrypto: Market analysis, smart investment

AutoCrypto Tiers

AutoCrypto uses a tier system to satisfy all kind of investors. The main difference between the tiers is the cap of investment on each iteration, which increases with each tier.

There are two ways to access the automated investment platform once AutoCrypto version 1.0 is released: Holding $AU or through an annual payment. The amount of tokens required for each tier is recalculated every 24 hours to match the fiat price of each tier. This means that if the price of the token goes up, any user can potentially get the next tier as the required tokens will decrease. On the contrary, a user cannot lower the tier due to token price change as long as they don't sell the tokens

AutoCrypto Beginner Tier


Gray Tier

Access to AI auto-investment services for Binance

*Min stack



Annual payment

10 USD

Investment cap

100 USD

*Profit fee


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AutoCrypto Initiate Tier


Orange Tier

Beginner Tier services

Access to all our Premium Tools: Listings, Wallets, Flash-Loans, Pumps/Dumps...

*Min stack



Annual payment

100 USD

Investment cap

1,000 USD

*Profit fee


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AutoCrypto Pro Tier


Blue Tier

Initiate Tier services

Additional App features (coming soon)

*Min stack



Annual payment

1,000 USD

Investment cap

10,000 USD

*Profit fee


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AutoCrypto Elite Tier


Black Tier

Pro Tier services

AutoInvestment in alternative / high risk Markets

Automated profits withdrawals

*Min stack



Annual payment

10,000 USD

*Investment cap

1,000,000 USD

*Profit fee


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* The number of tokens are recalculated every 24h to match their equivalent FIAT price

* The profit fee can be reduced gradually by vesting your tokens

* The investment cap equals the value of your tokens multiplied by 10, up to a maximum of $1,000,000

Identify the best trading opportunities

If you are in any of our 4 tiers, it means that you have access to our premium tools for the Binance Smart Chain. Using these signals, you can get ahead of the market and operate efficiently.

Site Listing early notifications

Be the first one to invest in the bullrun.

Get to know before anyone else when a currency is going to be listed on a famous exchange. We work with CMC, Okex, CoinTiger, HotBit, and many more.

Use our advanced tutorials to know how to operate in each of them and operate efficiently.

AutoCrypto Tools: Site Listing early notifications
AutoCrypto Tools: Whales tracker


There’s room for everyone at the crypto sea.

It is a tool for tracking the portfolios that our AI considers most profitable, both by volume and by purchasing power. The so-called whales can make the market fluctuate with their movements, therefore, tracking their movements is critical to predict future fluctuations in asset prices.

Flash Loan attack detector

Be the first to notice Flash Loan attacks and make profit from it.

Flash loan attacks happen more often than you might think. Many of the currencies that offer loans suffer this type of hacking, causing the value to drop momentarily close to 0.

AutoCrypto Tools: Flash Loan attack detector
AutoCrypto Tools: Bear market detector

Bear Market detector

We will identify the market status for a safe token to USDT change.

There are times when the market is unsettled, we will notify you when sentiment is bearish so you can withdraw your capital or transfer it to a stable currency such as USDT.

Call examples

Check out some our early calls from our bots at Discord



📅 Call made 2nd June 09:42am

📈 500% increased value

Check graph on PooCoin

AutoCrypto Enviro Case

Our Team

Meet all the founders of AutoCrypto, their role and their background

AutoCrypto Team: Izhan Hernández

Izhan Hernández

CEO & AI Developer

AutoCrypto Team: Georgina Villalba

Georgina Villalba

Head of Communications

AutoCrypto Team: Quino Lara

Joaquín Lara

Marketing Specialist

AutoCrypto Team: Alberto Delgado

Alberto Delgado

Chief Security Officer

AutoCrypto Team: Mario Clavero

Mario Clavero

Software Developer

AutoCrypto Team: Mikel Aguayo

Mikel Aguayo

Software Developer

AutoCrypto Team: José Huerto

José Huerto

Software Developer

AutoCrypto Team: Alejandro González

Alejandro González

Solidity Developer

AutoCrypto Team: Hodei Arregi

Hodei Arregi

UX Designer & UI Developer

AutoCrypto Team: Alejandro Fernández

Alejandro Fernández

Quality Control


Forint Finance


This is our roadmap, from the formation of the idea in March 2021, until its execution and future projection for the year 2022

2021 Q1
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2021 Q2
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
2021 Q3
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the MVP
2021 Q4
  • Public financing & Seed funding raised
  • Token launch
2022 Q2
  • International expansion
  • Public launch
2022 February
  • Beta app
  • AutoCrypto Guardian
2022 January
  • Strategic alliances

Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions, let us know through the contact form or through our email

What is AutoCrypto?

AutoCrypto is an automated broker app managed by an Artificial Intelligence, operating only in the best cryptocurrency markets (top 200 coins)

What kind of AI uses AutoCrypto?

AutoCrypto combines mathematical extrapolation polynomials alongside a pre-trained time-series prediction neuronal network to predict very precisely the evolution of the cryptocurrencies.

Who can invest in AutoCrypto?

Anyone! There will be different tiers to invest, fitting for each type of investor: from 10$/year until the Elite tier of 10.000$/year for expert crypto-investors only.

How does AutoCrypto work?

AutoCrypto is an investment app, that uses a combination of artificial intelligence with numerical series, along with polynomial extrapolations to calculate short-to-medium-range of the market major cryptocurrencies with high accuracy.

Every 6 hours the AutoCrypto engine determines if the market is in favourable conditions to invests, and if so, it selects the 2 or 3 best investment opportunities of the day, selecting a percentage to invest in the safest segment of the market (Top 10 currencies) and another percentage in a more risky segment, achieving an optimal balance between safety and investment productivity.

What are the TIERS?

In order to adjusting the service for each kind of investor AutoCrypto offers different tiers for its users. These tiers are: Beginner, Initiate, Pro and Elite and any of them will allow users to invest their money completely automatically with daily limits, except from the Elite tier which will have no limitation. Not only that, the higher the tier, the cooler the AutoCrypto extra services will be included, so grind your way until the top!

What is the difference between the 2 payment methods to join a tier?

In order to access AutoCrypto investment platform, you must first access one of the four tiers offered: Beginner, Starter, Pro or Elite. It is similar to an entry fee, where it will be offered different functionalities depending on the tier. There are two ways to enter:

- By purchasing our $AU token.

Once the amount necessary to access one of the 4 tiers available is acquired, all of its functionalities will be unlocked. The option to upgrade to a higher tier will always be available by adjusting the amount of $AU that you own. You will also be able to withdraw the amount of $AU that you bought back, thus losing access to the investment platform.

- By making a one-time payment with FIAT.

It will also be possible to enter in one of the 4 tiers by paying a fixed fee using a traditional method. This one-time payment will not be refundable unlike acquisition of the $AU token. The required amount of $AU to be acquired to guarantee access to a tier will be recalculated every 24 hours to compensate market fluctuations. Once the access has been obtained, it will be guaranteed until the membership expires (1 year), regardless of fluctuations in the price of the token.

How does the investment platform work?

Once a user has granted access to an AutoCrypto tier, he must add liquidity to his account so our AI can start investing with his capital. The deposit can be made by FIAT currency transfer (a one-time credit card payment) or by using USDT. Accepted pairs will be expanded as the project progresses.

Once the liquidity inflow is reflected at the section balance within the control panel, it will be possible to decide the amount to be invested by AI. This amount will be limited by the tier to which the user belongs; Beginner: 100 USD / Starter: 1,000 USD / Pro: 10,000 USD / Elite: 1,000,000 USD

AI will operate with the selected amount every 6 hours. If the user wishes to withdraw the invested funds to his personal account he will have to wait until the next 6-hour cycle ends. However, the funds at his balance that are not invested, can be recovered at any time. The same way as the inflow of money, it can be withdrawn by the same means: FIAT and USDT.

What happens if I hold the AU token but it decreases or increases its price?

The amount of tokens necessary to achieve a certain tier will be updated every day with the fluctuating token price, but a holder of AU will ONLY BENEFIT from the price changes. This means that if the price increases enough to achieve the next tier, the user will reach it BUT the user will never lose tier status in the hypothetical scenario of the token decreasing its value.

Is there any penalty for selling or transfering my AU tokens?

Yes, if you sell or transfer more than 10% of your wallet under a month. The penalty will be proportional to your tier 1, 2, 3 or 4 months penalty from using the AutoCrypto services via token (you can still re-gain any tier by FIAT buy).

What are the AutoBots?

The AutoBot are a group of bots designed by the AutoCrypto team that monitorize the crypto market and give nice calls for manual investors. Holding enough amount (equivalent of 0.5BNB) of AU token provides access to these bots calls in this server.

Are AutoBot's calls forever free?

Yes, the only cost of them are belonging to our amazing community and holding AU.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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